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                                    Executive Summary "Program 2020"

    Executive Summary & Gold Performance


        Secure Best Performance........ 2020


Go over the search area and view what is under you to depths of 82 ft (25m).

Technology to locate gold in large distances.

High penetration depths are also possible.

With the highest resolution, integrated multi-sensor technology offer the most detailed 3D images of the sub-surface.

DDV system: power-full detector

Coil for discrimination of gold, silver, iron and aluminum with high resolution specialized on metal detection, discrimination of ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 25 m. Integrated GPS so that you can going back and locate the exact position of the Gold without guessing where it is.

The Gold spot in the middle of graphic represent the metal found

BY Graphical representation in Visualiser 3D. The "Gold" spot in the middle of the graphic represents the metal found.

We are specifically tuned into identifying precious metals at great distances. The new technology equipment offers maximal performances.

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A = Gold market
B = Gold mining investment

                                              JOINT VENTURE - AGREEMENT

"INVESTMENT PROGRAM "GOLD MINING" With  Return investment under 12 - 36 Month.

Investment on operating management, prospecting mining (Operation Package full services included). with new technology 3D Gold localise by GPS 25 meters depths.
Management, Prospecting Mining                                    $ 2.436.250,-

Investment  Drilling Plant and Accessories

The Gold recovery grade is conservatively 1.5gr /Ton.
Metrics Tons Processed;
"One Shift - 56.25 Gold Recovery (KG) @ 1.5gr / Ton.

10 Working Mobil Drill  x  $ 2.500.000,-                      $ 25.000.000,-
(Full package included workers)
Maintenance, on five year                                            $ 10.000.000,-

Security, logistics on five year                                        $ 5.000.000,-

GOLBAL AMOUNT INVESTMENT          $ 42.436.250,-

150 Tons per hour throughput.
Monthly on 25 days.

The production based on a one shift system of 10 hours and for 25 working days per month, However, operating a two shift system will require more capital injection.

PRODUCTION: Quantity: 50 kg (per month)

GLOBAL PRODUCTION 600 kg (per year)

Shipment: Air Freight Cargo (Per 10 kg minimum) CIF Destination

Segment Market:

Our analyses market is based on the AAA Minerals Commission Report with rate 5.85gr/ Metric Ton and 1.2gr/ Metric Ton throughput.

METAL PRODUCTION:                                                                                               

WORKING PLANT: 600 KG X 5 (Year) = 3000 KG METAL 

Results Final Estimated Value After All Refining Charges      $169,604,166.22 ,-
Total Weight 96452.168 t/oz (6613.82 lbs)
Estimated Pure Gold Content 90472.133 t/oz
Estimated Payable Pure Gold Content 89567.41 t/oz
Estimated Purity 93.8 % 22.51 K 

                              GROSS PROFITS ON JOINT-VENTURE: $ 127.167.916,00



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